Sling Studs

If you have the tools to do it, here is a solution to take care of the forward sling stud without it crowding the barrel bedding block retainer screw.

The forward retainer screw ended up positioned on the stock about were a sling stud would reside. Much concern was given this and finally the following solution was designed.

The forward barrel bedding block retainer screw (a 1/4 X 28 hex head screw) was drilled about 0.4 inch deep and taped to accept a 8 X 32 screw. A sling stud was then milled from stainless steel bar stock to screw into the retainer screw. The hex head of the retainer screw was left unchanged so that the rifle could be used with or without the sling stud.

Below - A duplicate sling stud and a sleeve for the stud to screw into was made for the butt-stock . The sleeve will be epoxied into the stock. Notice the lands turned into the sleeve to give extra bonding surface. As with the forward sling stud (above), this stud too can be removed when not wanted.

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