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The Rifle Stock Bible

Rifle refinishing, rifle stock and gun repair

You have found the most useful information regarding rifle stock repair that can be found online. This information, available as a downloadable ebook, is detailed, easy to understand, and has plenty of images to SHOW you what the steps are for these steps.

Here is some of the information contained inside the Rifle Stock Bible ebook:

Wood Stains and Gun stocks
Refinishing a Rifle Stock
Making a Custom Rifle Stock
Floating the barrel
Glass Bedding
Pillar Bedding
Inlays, Tips & Caps
Target Crowning a Muzzle
Attaching the Recoil Pad
Building a Muzzle Loader From a Kit
What is MOA?
Calculating Rifle Precision
Eliminating Trigger Over Travel


Readers' Results

Here are some of the projects that readers have submitted. Remember, you don't have to take these folks' word for it - we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Rifle Stock Project: Aguilar

Take a look at Brian's rifle stocks he's been working on, and read what he has to say about the Rifle Stock Bible here.

Rifle Stock Project: Barnett

John refinishes a stock for his friend, and credits The Rifle Stock Bible for his results. See what he says here.

Rifle Stock Project: Yates

Dave was able to get results for his rifle stocks, take a look here.

Rifle Stock Project: VanHagen

Phil has gotten a GREAT finish on several of his stocks. Take a look here.

Rifle Stock Project: Spence

Mr. Spence started with two blanks of New Guinea Maple, and credits the Rifle Stock Bible with helping him get his project going. Hear what he has to say here.

Rifle Stock Project: Fretto

Dave was able to get results for his rifle stocks, take a look here.


Here's what others have to say about the information found in the Rifle Stock Bible ebook:
Thanks for a great and very helpful site. I needed help on target muzzle crowning and found what I needed to know here. GOD Bless you!
D. Pierce

Thank you very much for all this information, it has greatly helped me as i'm just starting to refinish my first gun.
S. Kearn

Thanks for ... this info. I am brushing up and looking for other techniques for doing nice rifle stock work, as I am in the planning stages for a new, more intense stocking project on a Mauser 98 or 96.
Marcel B.

Awesome information, I am going to attempt my first bedding job and I find this information to be the most user friendly I have found. I have been reloading and doing minor rifle stock work for years but I have never done a bedding job, time to try. thanks...
S. Caraway

I recently refinished a M-1 carbine stock using your suggestions on filling the pores, and the final finish. I was very pleased with the results. I DID use chemicals to strip however. My worst enemy is patience, I tend to want to rush. Thanks for the info.
J.R. Kennedy

Very nice explanation. I am just sorting out how to bed my Model 40 Savage .22 Hornet, which uses a cylindrical recoil lug and some other oddities, and you have given me some good ideas; thanks!
K. Prager

Am currently in a Police rifle-carbine instructor course and studying MOA and got a little confused. (You) did fix my mess up, and it is not as hard as one may make it. I know that now, but... I was ready to pull my hair out... Thanks.

Thanks a lot. This information is helping me refinish my father's 35 Remington that I've scratched up dragging it through miles of Virginia thickets.
P. Vance

What an excellent [book], I have just bought my first rifle, an Anschutz 1458 22LR and although it may be sacriligious to interfere with it, being a wood worker and do-it-yourselfer, I would love to make a custom stock. Your intructions and tips are going to be a great help.
M. Doust

I'm reading you [book] now. It's great. I plan on putting a Mannlicher stock on my M98k Mauser that I have a sporter stock on now. That stock was my first project. I bought a used rifle stock that had a bull barrel in it. I cut out the glass, inletted it and floated the barrel. I couldn't checket yet so I carved a basket weave pattern using Brownell's decal. The finish I did with Tru-oil. My second project was a Ruger No.1 I built with a full Mannlicher, fancy Claro Walnut and I added 22 lpi checkering. I hand-rubbed about 7 coats of Tung Oil. I added a Mercury Recoil Reducer and a Pachmyer Decelerator pad. The caliber was .300 Win Mag. I fired it prone bare shoulder and the recoil was less than a military M-14. Needless to say, I was very proud of my Ruger and want to build another Mannlicher.
J. Frozard

Great site, sitting here in afghanistan daydreaming about doing some stockwork when I get home in Jan - thanks -rob (ordering a semi finished stock from Richards Microfit)
R. Rigdon, US Army

Very fine piece on cutting an 11 degree muzzle with hand tools. I will try this method.
R Conway

Plenty of good information.
J. Feraille

Thank you for the GREAT info. I am working on my 5th stock, using your method and have had great results with 'hand rubbed' Tru-oil. Thanks again,

Hey I absolutly love your [information]! I am going to use your tips on stock making when i create a laminated stock from scratch for a semi auto .22 (Winchester 490) Its an absolute nail driver at about 115 meters with about an 1" group on a calm day, even during winter, but i am truly grateful for your sites many useful tips and instructions! Thank You very much!!
Chris D

I just acquired two M1 Garand stocks in need of major TLC. I've never attempted a repair and restoration project like this but want to learn. I found your excellent [book] via GOOGLE. Now I have a plan. I have an advantage in that my wife has become tolerant of the smell of BLO.
C. Varnell

I am finishing a custom made rifle and appreciate your infomation and expertise.
C. Tharp

I finish many stocks and always looking for different better ways thanks from a canadian stock maker.
G. Dixon

Thank you for you site I am getting my old sks a new face lift and your [info] helped me in how to do the face lift.
Thanks again...
L. Mott

I was looking for information on fitting recoil pad on my Parker Hale side by side 12 bore,good information [within] .Many Thanks
Richard Webb

I've just gotten into refinishing stocks and enjoy it a lot. if i would have found [The Rifle Stock Bible] a couple of months ago I would have saved myself a lot of headache. Thanks for the help. It ... will be used for reference a great deal in the future.
M. A. White

This is my first go at stock refinishing. The information included here will be of significant assistance for my first attempt.