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Exhibition grade claro walnut on model 700 - caliber 25-06 Remington
Wood is from Richard's Micro-Fit Stocks

Within this site I will share my own experiences in building, bedding, finishing and refinishing rifle stocks and provide links to other useful information.

Making a fine rifle stock is very rewarding in many ways. I have gained a great appreciation for woods and have been able to enhance my level of patience from all the mistakes made in some previous hurried and failed attempts to bring out the beauty of their grain and figure.

The information I intend to provide is for wood stocks only however, some discussions (bedding, floating, etc.) may be applied to stocks of other material. I, though, only have experience with those of wood.

If done correctly building, finishing, refinishing a stock requires great patience. Before spending money on an expensive piece of walnut, sanding papers, tools, oils, etc., or removing that old finish please be sure you really want to do this. Those of us who have done this before know that more time and care than expected is often required to achieve the desired result. It is my belief any person with an admirable amount of patience and a real desire to turn out a beautiful stock can do so. Keep in mind though, a hurried job will show. Shortcuts tend to be the outstanding feature of such stocks. One can see some by visiting a few pawn shops.

Picture is compliments of Kevin Quinn who customized this Thompson Center in caliber .221 Remington Fireball. The wood is from Bullberry Barrel Works and Kevin did the shaping and finishing himself following the instructions found on this web site.

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